Privacy Policy
Keep your trust. The Privacy Policy describes our policies relating to the collection, use and disclosure of information about your use of our products and services, including the application of the telephone (the application of your salons), our website and any other products or services in your salons provided through websites or mobile applications that guide you to the Privacy Policy). When you enter the Statute, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy
1. Definition of terms
As specified in this policy.
"User / Customer" means the individual who interacts with the platform and includes our mobile application users such as your ubeatu applications and individuals who book appointments, purchase services or interact with our partners through the platform. "Other Information" means any information that does not disclose your own identity and is not directly related to the individual, such as browser, device information, application usage data, data obtained through cookies, pixel cards, other technologies, geographic information and other information provided to you
2. The information we collect
We can collect information about you when you use the platform,
We can collect information about you when you use the platform, for example, when you create an account on your salons application where we can request personal information such as name, email address, mailing address, social networking account ID, and other information you can provide in your account. You can edit some information in your account through the "My Information" box in the application. If you are a customer of one of our partners, we will collect information about you when you interact with their business through the platform. For example, when you start to deal with a partner there
3. How personal information is used
facilitate the function of community participation
  • To answer your inquiries and fulfill your requests.
  • To send administrative information to you, for example information about our services and changes that affect our terms, conditions and policies.
  • To complete and fulfill your purchases or registration, for example to make your payments and communicate with you regarding the purchase and provide you with customer service.
  • To send marketing communications to you which may be of interest to you such as sending flyers.
  • To customize your experience with the program by offering products and offers designed specifically for you and include complementary products and our partner services.
  • To allow you to participate in and manage such competitions, competitions and similar promotions. Some of these activities have additional rules that may contain additional information about how we use your personal information and then suggest that you read these rules carefully.
  • Our mobile applications can send notifications to your mobile device. If you previously agreed to send notifications and do not want to receive them, you can also remove notifications from your device. And for our business purposes such as data analysis, auditing, fraud monitoring and prevention, development of new products and services, support, improvement or modification of our products and services, identification of directions of use and effective identification of our promotions, work activities, operation and expansion; (F) to protect our rights, privacy, safety, property and / or privacy, and (c) to respond to your requests from public and governmental bodies, including public and governmental bodies; (d) to apply our provisions and conditions; Or to you or others and (g) to allow you to obtain compensation available or to reduce the damages we may incur.
4. How personal information is disclosed
How will you know if we modify our Privacy Policies?
  • for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy. Our strategic partners and service providers who provide services such as web hosting data, data analysis, payment and fulfillment services, information technology, related infrastructure texts, customer service, e-mail, credit card transactions and other similar services.
  • For our partners if you are a customer and you are using our software with this co. Please contact your customer directly for more information about partner privacy practices.
  • for others to allow them to send marketing communications to you in accordance with your choices.
  • For non-lottery sponsors, contests and promotions similar to you on message boards, chat, file pages, blogs and other services where you can publish information and materials in them and include as described below under the name of "certificates", classifications, reviews and public forum.
  • to your friends who are connected to your social networking site and to other users of your Internet sites, and to your social networking account provider regarding your social participation activities such as linking your Facebook account to your Saloon application.
  • For the legal purposes set out in the section below entitled "Legal Disclosure". Please be aware that we may use and disclose other information for any purpose except as otherwise provided by applicable law. If the information is treated as confidential in accordance with the applicable law, we may use it for the purpose of disclosure and use of personal information. In some cases, we may combine other information with personal information (such as merging your name with your location). If we combine other information with personal information, we will treat that information as personal information.